M-Charge Industry Employee offer

For Migros Industry employees: Apply for your personal M-Charge charging card today and benefit the next time you charge your electric vehicle.
M-Charge Industrie


  • Charge for only 33 cents per kWh at all Migros Industry locations
  • No registration or recurring fee

Shared use of charging stations

To ensure that as many Migros Industry employees as possible can use the charging stations, the car should be moved after the battery is full or latest after 6 ½ hours.

If the parking spaces are increasingly blocked for longer periods of time, this may lead to the introduction of charging card blocks or a blocking fee.

Please be considerate of your colleagues.


Apply for your charging card conveniently online:

Online application of charging card

By ordering an M-Charge charging card, applicants enter into a direct contractual relationship with Migrol AG.

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